Welcome to CARE Cards!

What Are CARE Cards?

CARE Cards are pre-paid gift cards that people can use to get a hot meal at a local restaurant, or purchase groceries or other necessities like diapers and prescriptions at local stores.

Who Can Receive a CARE Card?

Anyone who is struggling for income amid this pandemic is eligible — and the need is enormous. Half of all New Mexico adults living in households with children report having lost income due to the COVID pandemic. While federal aid helped, many families were left out. And although much of this assistance has come to an end, the U.S. Senate has failed to act on another aid package that was passed by the U.S. House in May. Too many families are facing hunger, the loss of health care, and even homelessness as a result. It also hurts our local small businesses — and their workers — when people simply don’t have any money to spend.

How Can People Get a CARE Card?

Many of the CARE Cards will be given out directly by our partners such as Albuquerque Mutual Aid and Native Health Initiative, who are already in contact with people in need. But anyone can request a card by filling out the short form here. You can also purchase one for someone you know who is in need by filling out this form.

What is Different About CARE Cards?

When we joined together to create this campaign, we wanted to do more than help our neighbors in need. We also wanted to support local businesses — specifically those that are doing the right thing to protect their employees and customers by supporting paid sick leave for all workers and following Governor Lujan Grisham’s public health guidelines during the pandemic. That’s why every CARE Card comes with a list of restaurants that we recommend supporting because they have signed our Public Health Pledge

Who is behind CARE Cards?

CARE Cards is a project of New Mexico Voices for Children (as fiscal sponsor), New Mexico Working Families, OLE, Enlace Communitario, New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty, El Centro de Igualdad y Derechos and Center for Civic Policy. Our partners, who are helping us get these cards to the people who need them, include Albuquerque Mutual Aid, and Native Health Initiative.

Please contact us if you would like to find out if your organization can become a partner.

Why Support Paid Sick Leave?

Workers need security. Their families need security. Being able to earn paid sick leave gives workers and their families more security. 

Before the pandemic, only 64% of workers in Albuquerque could earn paid sick leave. When those workers got sick or had a child get sick, they had to make the difficult decision between staying home while losing wages and going into work sick or sending a sick child to school. Conditions are worse now with Covid-19.

We have come together to support workers, families, and restaurants who have taken the pledge to support public health in our community!

How Can I Help?

You can make a donation that will go toward providing a CARE Card to a family in need.

You can purchase a CARE Card directly from our website that you can give to someone you know who is in need of assistance. 

You can nominate someone who could use a hot meal or other assistance and we will send a CARE Card directly to them.

If you don’t see your favorite restaurants on the list and would like to invite them to sign the pledge so they may be included, please forward this website link to them!